Massage Therapy


Free Your Muscles Of Aches And Pain With Massage

Your muscles can carry a lot of tension from stress, overuse, or injury. Find relief from all your muscle pains with massage therapy from Lifeline Chiropractic PA. We have an on-site massage therapist trained in various massage techniques and styles to find the root of your muscle aches and release that painful tension. 

Massage therapy can also help restore proper joint motion in your hips, shoulders, and ankles to improve your daily functions as well as increase performance in sports. Therapeutic ultrasound is also available for deeper muscle therapy for chronic muscle problems.

How Can Massage Benefit You?

  • Increases blood circulation
  • Relaxes tight muscles
  • Relieves muscle pains and spasms
  • Increases your range of motion
  • Reduces stress and promotes relaxation and healing
60 minute massage
For new clients only
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